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Kind of a Block Breaker but in reverse. Cool idea. Love the pixels and chiptunes, quality presentation! Got super easy when there was only one stalk left in the corner but those darn birds did get it eventually. XD

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the Breakout style of game play kind of clicked in somewhere along the way. I had ideas of making it a shooter, but once I had the crows bouncing around the screen the rest fell into place. I also considered ways to make it harder to defend that last stalk, I just left it alone once I noticed I could still lose it. There's definitely more that could go into this kind of game, like seeds to replant crops, different birds, etc

10 popcorns, not too bad.  I felt bad hitting crows and getting eaten by them and was weird that the crows just kept coming, would have been nice if they could have been eliminated.  I still had fun.  Good animation, the music does get a little repetitive.  

Ahahah! That a nice game! I never thought of reversed ping pong gameplay before, this is amazing! I would like to have ability to mute music though, a little bit annoying. And when the game is finished it is not clear, what is my score. Everything else is really good!

Thanks for feedback. Yeah, it was a challenge to show score without text. I thought of a couple different ways to score the game, but ultimatly it's based on how many times you hit a crow. If I could use numbers and sentences it would be better, because I could use time, or waves.