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Just played this. Very cool. Please revisit it and add some new stuff or do a remastered version!

Thanks! I've thought about coming back to this a few times. Maybe :)

Very funny game! The only bad thing is that it’s too short although I suppose that’s normal considering it’s an entry for a Ludum Dare, the mechanics of the game are great. Well done!

Thanks! Glad you like it! This could def have used some more levels. I've had some other ideas for these mechanics, but just never got back around to this project.

This game is so fun ! I played it twice !!!

Sweet! Thanks for your feedback! Glad you had fun!

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This game is fantastic, start to finish! Well tuned, beautiful presentation, and I love the Twitter link at the end!

You should link your LD entry page here so other participants know where to rate it!

Thanks for the feedback! I added an LDJAM link to my description ;)