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Updated 4 days ago
Published 15 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorIsmael Rodriguez
Tags1-bit, 2D, Atmospheric, Cute, ludum-dare-48, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Retro, Side Scroller
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


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It is a very solid game with a well-finished game design. It is a type of game that is hard to believe it was made in a few hours. The oxygen cable gimmick was very well implemented but the general theme “Deeper and Deeper” was not very well explored in a creative way, it could have come out more than expected.

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Thanks for your feedback!

You’re probably right about the theme being under represented. I may have been able to do more with that. More vertical/going-down areas, this is mostly left to right…
shrug Oh well sweat_smile

Nice Puzzle Game, the art, and gameplay are exellent.

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you like it!!! :)

Great game, especially great jam entry. The levels tightly showcase the game design and the look, feel and sound are lovely :)

Thank you! Happy to hear you like it! I appreciate your feedback!

very fun game ! i enjoyed it alot !

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed it! :)

Cool little game, I had a good time playing it.

Thanks for playing! Glad you had good time!!!

The idea of the game is very interesting. I enjoyed playing until the end without getting frustrated. Thank you!

Thank you! Happy to make a game that doesn't frustrate! :)

amazing game, both mechanically as well as artistically!

I appreciate your feedback! Thanks! Glad you like it :)

amazing level design, strong Celeste vibe here

Thanks! Celeste is very much an inspiration!

This is so good! Love this game!

THANKS! So happy to hear that you love it! <3

Wow great game! I love it!

Thanks! I love that you love it! :)

Great game! The mechanics and puzzles are super clever and a lot of fun!

Thank you! Glad you had fun!

The game has a great concept, really liked playing it and solving the puzzles, and the atmosphere was beautiful! :)

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you liked playing it :)

Very fun game with puzzles that aren't to hard but are still really fun. Getting the gems is also a fun little challenge. Great pixel art and ost.

Thank you for your feedback!!! Glad you like it! Hopefully the Diamonds didn't get you killed too often :)

This is a very well polished and put together game. Very fun!

Thanks for your feedback!!! Glad you like it :)

A really fun and creative little game with great controls! I played it on stream after getting it recommended to me and beat it in ~20 minutes. Had a great time with it and I love the little diver's dance at the end :D

I tracked down your stream on Twitch! It was awesome! Thank you so much! I'm glad you had fun!!!


addictive and love the artwork. great mechanics

Thanks! I appreciate your feedback! Glad you like it :)


 An incredible well polished game, especially considering it was made for a game jam. The OST and atmosphere blend together well and the level design is great. Also, makes for a fun speed run. 10/10 game

Thank you so much for your feedback! And streaming mine and other LD games! It means a lot to us devs to see player's experience and learn from the feedback! 

Also thanks for sharing your run speed! 4:18 DEF the fastest I've seen so far!!! NICE!


would play again 10/10

also i like the chain physics

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you like it!

How am I supposed to wall jump if the game won't let me?

Not sure if you ran into a bug or I didn't explain wall jumping well enough. Hold left or right AGAINST the wall, and press jump!

Very enjoyable game! It is featured in my video! 

Take a look!


Glad you like it! Thanks for the feature! :)

Verrrrry noice :)

Thank you Verrrrry much! ;)

Excellent game and really cool chain-mechanic. The music is very catchy too.

Btw in full screen the framerate drops to unplayable, but that might just be my browser though.

Thanks for your feedback. Glad you like it!
You're the first to mention a framerate issue. If you're not using it, I'd recommend trying Firefox, it seems to be the best to play web games.

10/10 great music simple but great pixel art style overall great controls, would recommend to anyone

also beat it in 13 minutes :D

Aye THANKS for your feedback! 13 minutes is pretty good I think! My best time is somewhere around 6 minutes, but I've seen some people break my design that can probably bring that time down ;)

BEitfule atmosphere and sound. relaxing yet focus as well.

Thank you! I appreciate your feedback! Glad you found it relaxing :)

nice game

THANKS! Glad you like it!

Amazing level design!

Thanks for your feedback! Happy to hear it! :)


Nice game!

Thanks! And thanks for the footage! You actually broke a sequence I hadn't seen done or thought of (jumping straight to the power-node in the top left corner of the room).
Thanks again! Glad it you like it!

Love this, I would love to play some more levels. Graphics and sound/music work very well together. Controls feel great and the o2 canisters are an original feature, haven’t seen that before!


Thanks, I appreciate your feedback! Glad you like it! I'm considering expanding on this, we'll see ;)

nevermind , got it ! great game

Glad you got it figured out! Thanks for your feedback! :)

how do you make your chain stay gold ? im stuck on the level with 3 switches that need turning gold but the chain never stays charged for long enough to reach the second one ?

Ending vibes

This game is brillant! Love the music, ambient and fx are perfect. Biased to say I like the graphics coz this low color and smal res are my jam. I feel game mechanics are inovative and could notice the celest(pico8) inspiration. I love it, easy top 5 games in this ludumdare.

Thanks! Glad you like it! Celeste is def an inspiration ;)

Such a cool level design! Very well done.

Quick bug report: The wall jump mechanic is a bit hit or miss, on one room with 3 golden activated doors, I could not grip the right side of the golden block on the bottom of the page. 

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you like it.

I couldn't reproduce the bug you ran into, so I'm not sure if it was a weird one-off (WebGL bug?), or just a weird and rare situation happened. Thanks for letting me know though, I'll keep an eye out for any other issues like that.

Wow, this level design should have been tested a lot to work. Bravo if you made this in 48 hours !

Thanks! Made in 72hrs for the Jam, although a good chunk of the levels were done within the first 48, only the last couple rooms were made on the last day. I have my who wife tested the levels to see if the design is conveyed well enough for everyone else, it's a huge help. She's a gamer, but doesn't play platformers, so I know if she can clear it without tips, anyone can! But I also ran through it a bunch too, maybe too much lol

It was surrealistic to my eyes to have such a precision in the level design in so many step-levels in 72 hours from one person (with all the work beside). Very Good Job dude, to you and your wife ;) It kicks asses . Well done !

:) Thanks! Much appreciated!!!

This game is very incredible and awesome

Thanks! Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you like it!!!

how the eff did you do this all during the jam?? I'm way into this -- thanks for making a rad game :D


Thanks for liking my game and your feedback!  I don't really know how to explain how I did it lol I have a lot of 2D platformer experience and code-base to piggy-back off of, so it's all slapped together in a way that just happened to work out for this jam. :)

Super cool game! Great art, audio AND gameplay! Very impressive for a jam game :D

It was fun, good job!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Really Good Idea ..., makes a Full Version.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll consider a full version. I have some other mechanical ideas I can expand on.

A full version need to be made for sure.