Zolf is a golf infused puzzle platformer made for LowRezJam2022.


Whilst on your way to an Intergalactic Zolf (?!) Tournament, your ship crash lands on an alien planet. 

Armed with just your Zolf skills, you and your little buddy
must traverse switches and spikes and
find a way to repair your ship and make it to that Tournament!


Zolf will recommend playing with the keyboard, but it's also possible to play with a controller, or use the mouse buttons for actions.

Left Click : Swing / Shoot Cannon 

Right Click : Toggle Character

Middle Click : Toggle Zoom Level

PRO TIP: It's possible to cancel your swing by pressing DOWN

PS. You can wall jump!

Ismael Rodriguez
[ Programming, Design, Concepts, Sounds ]

[ Artwork, Concepts, Story]

Dan Medeiros
[ Music ]

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorsIsmael Rodriguez, 1984pxls, Dan Medeiros
GenrePuzzle, Platformer


Zolf - Windows - v 1.2.zip 34 MB


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lil green dude's got that dawg in 'em

nice game!

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Thanks! :) lol


Awesome game! Fun to play and controls nice. Everything was pretty well executed. Have a lot of potential.


Fun little game! A warning for anyone with high refresh rates, though: the things that teleport the astronaut to the alien mess up at high refresh rates. You may need to set your machine to 60hz.

Thanks for your feedback. That's a weird bug you're reporting, what happened when you try to teleport?

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The teleport itself works fine, but then if you try to hit the little alien while he's still in the little glowing circle that activates the teleporter nothing happens. He just makes his little noise and stays there, but there's no way to get him out of the circle. My setup has a refresh rate of 360Hz, which has caused problems with several other games before, so setting that to 60Hz was the first thing I tried to fix it and it worked. Not sure why it's just that function it doesn't like, though.

It was so fun to play !!

Thanks! Glad you had fun!


One of the highlights of the jam

Thanks for sharing! Fun to watch!

Loved watching thisbone through! Thanks for playing and sharing!


This really was fun to play, the square viewport hinders some of the platforming but the core gameplay is so fun it didn't matter!

Thanks! I tried to limit the platforming because the screen size, but that's the jam constraint so it is what it is :)

love the music



With what have you made this game?

It's a Unity game.

Looked like it could have been Pico8. That would be a nice port!

This was really clever, and a cool mix of puzzle and action.  I'd totally play more of their adventures!

Thanks! It turned out to be a neat idea! So much more can be done outside of a 64x64 canvas limit!

this is really good, there are a couple of bugs when you die and i wish i was told there was wall jump before it was needed but i think this game is great

Thank you! I appreciate your feedback! In hindsight, I should have tipped players about wall jumps.

this is so good, I could totally see this being fleshed out into a full game! There is so much possibility in the gameplay. Plus the art and music are amazing, I'm stunned.


Thank you so much! We had a lot of ideas we didn't get to use, def a lot of potential!